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We are witness to the collapsing of our systems and fear emerges as a nasty habit.

Words are sharp as swords. The skills of compassion and dialogue are shaken from our repertoire.

In the series, Passing Notes, I am creating emotional conversations.

Here, reaching for new and vigorous language that connects us to each other.

Spoken Words

like knives

slice the air quickly. 

A million slight paper cuts

scatter scars;


staining skin

and internal organs. 


Searching for

new language.

Can we lift

the conversation?

Open words into perhaps


Passing notes, Delicate.

Paper thin.

Emotions and Light.

We fall asleep. 

Dreaming, we

reach for, 

Is that


Listen now. 

Almost silent, 

An opus in quiet tones. 

Can you hear it? 

tuning in 

for new songs...

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