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Traveling Inside the Quiet

This work is about us, our connections. These are visual stories of our participation, each with the other. 


Change is terrifying and unexpected. We lose our security. We crawl into the wet cave of loneliness. We wait to survive change. What has happened? What is now? 


We can force our eyes open to see the sunlight dance on glittering leaves, wet from the night before. We hear small birds having breakfast in the grass. We can feel the ocean around us, gloriously joyous, powerful, and constant. We look up to see small white clouds against a sky that stretches forever.


We can remember our part, grateful to feel deeply. We feel the love as well as pain, the joy as well as fear. We feel the fire as well as the chill of change. We stretch into its new clothes and we become more. 


Being in the present moment seemed to be the only safe place during this upheaval and change. Grateful for this focus, I found a way to dive into a deeper and at the same time, a more expansive place with the work. Using intimate portraits from my archives, I added the dimension of nature. I introduced the emotion of the ocean, skies, and the earth to captured moments of personal stories, creating larger conversations.


Holding more of life in a single frame, can we see life without tripping over our stories?

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