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Traveling Inside the Quiet

Change is overwhelming.


I have the option of response. I can give money to projects. I can stop using plastics and stop eating beef and stop flying, stop driving. I can blame myself, I can panic.


I can go inside myself in this moment and create space. I can find a light and turn it on.


I look up to see small white clouds in a voluptuous blue sky. I notice joy as well as fear. I can feel the fire as well as the chill of change. I stretch into its new clothes, and I become more than I was.


This moment, now is a sacred place.  I explore my wild interior worlds and I am surprised.


I find a larger view. In this work, I add personal narratives to nature. I cross into an ephemeral dimension, still carrying the geometric structures of emotions. The stories become translucent. I've found my way into a deeper space.


These are visual fairytales, holding more of life and earth together in a single frame.

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